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THE BEGINNING: It started with music being played in the house at all times. I got my first cassette player at early age, and just played music constantly.

In the early teenage years I was happy to just sing along to the songs I loved. When my relatives asked me what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday I always said this and that new album by artists I liked. It was always pop.

When I bought a new cassette player I kept the old one, and that’s when I started using the old one as playback device and record on the new one. That’s why I could sing «on top of» the originals. I guess all these years of just singing constantly both made me aware of singing techniques and also learning english well and quicker.

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  • Kim Chang
    «She Should Be With Me» – truly a fantastic song. You sing so wonderful and have a beautiful voice.
  • Eva Li
    What a fabulous song «Devil May Care» is! John Berge is really good looking & cool in the video. I feel like I'm watching a James Bond movie!
  • Merci Beaucoup
    I love Your voice John. Your songs are so deep and magnetic!
  • Gines Orenes Vivo
    «Start to Wish» is a marvelous song. John's style is also original.The voice and the sound are perfect . Congratulations!
  • Koen Kroeze
    About «More Or Less»: Very catchy song, nice video as well!
  • Igor Stratos
    Freshening up of the 80`s pop, less complicated and easy as Freiheit and Aha. Even the voice is a retro one, but like an instrument it is versatile and timeless. John delivers unpretentious real music, and stands fearless out from the common style of today.

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