Start To Wish

1. January 2010
John Berge

Along with renowned English producer Robbie Bronnimann (The Sugababes, Andy Hunter, Howard Jones) John Berge from Norway presents the song Start to Wish – an upbeat, irresistibly melodic, yet highly original tune that has the word «CATCHY» written all over it, in CAPITAL letters.

– My music comes from the heart, and it’s always based on my own experiences. The thematics of Start to Wish ought to be fairly obvious: the lovely spring air, the flowing juices … The rest is up to the listener, Berge says.

The sound is both new, fresh and modern, although strong influences from pivotal acts in the pop canon shine through: The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, Supertramp, ABBA, a-ha, Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears – only to name a few, but also newer artists such as Darren Hayes and Keane.

Nevertheless, the final expression is Berge’s very own. No one sounds quite like him on today’s music scene – while at the same time sporting such apparent references to the pop classics.

– I think great, well-played popmusic is a piece of art, like the way ABBA or Brian Wilson presented it. I simply love pop music, and I love to express myself through it and sing my heart out. What could be better, the Norwegian artist confesses.

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