Innocent Blue

15. November 2020
John Berge
Producer: Robbie Bronnimann
Number of discs: 1

Innocent Blue is the new single from John Berge, but even though the song is new to all listeners, the song itself is one from the archives.

– Yes, this is a song that has been «in hiding» for quite some time, but with a melody and message I always one day wanted to come out. The songs chords and structure was written by my friend Kjell Inge Hansen, while I added the melody line and the lyrics back in the day, John says.

– What is the song about?

– I’ve been asked that by some people. I prefer to let it be up to the listener, but the cover photo and the title itself give you some of the message, John says.

– I guess we could say it’s about the pureness and innocence of youth.

The UK-production maintains all the cool bits and pieces from the original demo and there is no denying that this is a song that says loudly «80s music»!

– That decade keeps coming back in style, all the time, it seems, even with contemporary artist. And no wonder, the production style, and catchy melodies, is a blast!

Innocent Blue is released digitally, with two bonus tracks: the instrumental version of the song and an instrumental of the previously released bonus track, If You Care.

PS! Plans are ahead for the release of Johns second album, in 2021.

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