John Berge: «Clear and Present Past» (2CD Deluxe Digipak)

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John Berge’s debut CD was launched on his own label in 2007 as a double album. It contains a total of 33 tracks. «If you like 80s music, you’ll love this CD.»

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Only physical! These recordings have not, as of yet, been released digitally, and will not be in the first upcoming years! (But eventually!)

John Berge’s Clear and Present Past is released on his own label (JB MUSIC) as an exclusive, deluxe 2CD digipak with a 28-page insert booklet with complete lyrics to all the songs (32 with vocals, 1 instrumental).

This is melodious, melancholic and uplifting pop music, perfect for those who have a taste for the best of the 80s, e.g. artists such as a-ha, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Alphaville, George Michael, Supertramp, ELO etc., to name a few of the artists that John Berge is clearly inspired by. Listeners has also made comparisons to Alan Parsons Project, and other 80s artists.

All the songs were written, performed and produced by John Berge (except where noted, please see below) in various home studios for a number of years before the release, which happened on 26/10/2007.

Out of these 33 songs, only Start to Wish and If You Care has been re-recorded and released digitally. The versions of these two songs on the CD is the original home studio version and is not released digitally. A few of the other songs has been recorded in new studio versions, yet to be released as of 2024. Several other of the songs will also be re-made in Brand New Studio Versions in 2024-2025.

The CD was printed in two runs, each 500 copies each.

01: Her Name is S
02: Start to Wish *1
03: You Are Not The Only One Who Is Lost
04: Wish
05: Just Like We Dreamed Of *2
06: What If?
07: Then You Again
08: Theme From Dylion, Part 2002
09: You Know What I Mean
10: It’s Only A Game, Love
11: I Give You My Heart
12: You’ll Never Know
13: Saying Goodbye
14: End Of My Time *3
15: Everybody In This World

01: Walking The Floor
02: Make Believe
03: We Have Been
04: Come Clean
05: For The Life Of Me
06: The Best Is Yet To Come
07: Big Night Ahead
08: Theme From Dylion
09: If Memory Serves
10: The Dream We Lost
11: If You Care
12: The World Is Yours
13: Catch The Perfect Wave
14: You Like What You See
15: Beneath Your Feet
16: A World Of Difference
17: Legend

John Berge originally comes from Kristiansund and lives in the Oslo-area. He is known as an editor for various trade magazines and webpages, and has a background in media such as Dagsavisen, NTB, Tidens Krav, NRK, etc.

John Berge has released a string of digital singles over the years: Start to Wish, Devil May Care, She Should Be With Me, Heaven Someday, Warm Breath of You, Bliss, Face This, More or Less and Innocent Blue.

There are music videos made for Devil May Care, She Should Be With Me, Warm Breath of You and More or Less.

These can be streamed and purchased on the iTunes Store, Amazon etc. More single releases will follow in 2024 and 2025, as well as a new sideproject called AB87 and a new c0mplete studioalbum.

© JB MUSIC 2007.

PS! Please write a note if you want the CD signed by water-proof pencil and with a dedication.

*1 Produced by Kjell Roll Elgsaas, Morten Lystad and with performance by Tor Aarnes Sæther.
*2 Composed by Shahzad Abid & John Berge (music & lyrics)
*3 Composed by Shahzad Abid (lyrics) & John Berge (music)

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