Face This


This type of song is a favorite of John Berges: the romantic, bittersweet, melancholic ballad. While previous singles has mostly been inspired by his favorites from the 80s, Face This on the other hand owes more to John listening to Electric Light Orchestra and Supertramp, as well as inspirational traits from both The Beatles and Brian Wilson.

«I am obsessed with melodies and harmonies. I write my songs from my heart and hopefully that reaches the listener,» John Berge says.

Face This was recorded in John Berges home studio early 2010s, and was recorded at Robot Studio, Somerset, England by Robbie Bronnimann. Guitar is played by Robin Boult, both musicians who works with Howard Jones.

«All artists find inspiration from their favourite bands, with John no exception to that, but he always has his own stamp on his song,» Robbie Bronnimann comments.

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