«A breezy, summery thing, isn’t it?» muses John as he plays the intro. There’s no hiding neither the musical nor emotional insipration for the track.

– My favourite band of all times is Supertramp. On Bliss I use their trademark staccato type of playing, as well as a similar piano sound. And just like Roger Hodgson often did, I’ve tried to mix the positive melody with a bittersweet lyric, says John Berge.

– I am obsessed with melodies and harmonies. A good song is timeless and I try to write melodies from my heart, and hopefully that comes across to the listener.

John Berge wrote the song recently at his home studio outside Oslo, Norway, and it has been meticulously restructured and reproduced by Robbie Bronnimann in his Robot Studio in Somerset, England.

Production-wise, on Bliss Bronnimann also incorporated some nods to the West Coast Pop Sound that Berge has a soft spot for.

Producer Robbie Bronnimann describes John Berge’s music as «quality pop».
– He is truly passionate about his work. John has a body of quality pop songs which I realised were just waiting to have their potential unlocked. Added to that he has a voice that seems somehow familiar yet distinct in its own right. The combination of the two creates a sound that has its roots firmly in the world of 80’s pop & beyond, but still has a modern, contemporary resonance.

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