Angelic Astronaut: OH NO! (It’s All Gone) 

1. January 2010
John Berge

OH NO! (It’s All Gone) is a brand new track from the new norwegian electropop duo Angelic Astronauts (AA) now being released as a radiosingle and for sale in all the leading digital musicstores.

Combining the love for the retro synth sound from the late 70s and early 80s, with a modern production, the AA-team gladly cites some of their main influences.

– There’s no denying we love Pet Shop Boys, for instance. We also love the first a-ha albums, Tears For Fears and Depeche Mode. Hopefully some of that inspiration shines through in our own music.

We are also wery much into the current music scene and think it’s great that many new bands and artists are not afraid to show how much they also love the music from this particular era.

OH NO! (It’s All Gone) is a high-spirited, fast dance oriented song about facing realities in life.

«We really like the way Roger Hodgson from Supertramp wrote sad and melancolic lyrics and then married them to happy, catchy tunes. We sort of used the same trick here», says the Angelic Astronauts.

The electronic duo are currently working on other new tracks as well and plans are under way for a complete album, which will be called «Pop for the World». Angelic Astronauts is a new electronic duo, consisting of two producers and songwriters from Norway,making music in their own Space Lab Studios. They have written and performed music seperately for many years, and teamed up together in 2009. For the time being, they wish to focus entirely on the music, and not the image of themselves, other than two astronauts beaming musical messages down from outer space to planet Earth.

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