Let’s get digital

John Berges first – and so far – only commercially available physical music album – Clear and Present Past – will in 2021 be digitally available for the first time.

The album, released on CD in 2007, can be bought here.

The double-CD was released 26.10.2007 on JBs own label, JB MUSIC, as an deluxe 2CD-digipak edition with a 28 page booklet with complete lyrics to all songs (32 w/ vocals, 1 instrumental).

«I got very sick in 2007 and honestly thought I would die,» John says.

«I even got hospitalized. Lying there, thinking the worst, made me change my life. To a certain degree I still carry those experience with me, in trying to cherish each and every day. These are values I still live by,» he continues.

«So I thought: Even though I didn’t get the big record deal or fame I always wanted, I have to get some of my songs «out there», no matter what».

The original photo which was used for the cover. Photo by Kristin Tømmervåg. ©

John then compiled all the master tapes from the original master-DAT (!) and got them re-mastered by Lydklinikken run by Petter Sommer.

«The songs are demos, and not studio productions. Warts and all, I still love them, and a few of them have been re-recorded, like Start to Wish, which in 2010 turned out to be a hit on norwegian radio stations».

The songs were recorded from 1994 to 2002, in Kristiansund and Oslo. Jørn Landbakk plays guitar on two tracks and Kyrre Sætran plays bass on one track. Kjell Roll Elgsaas, Morten Lystad and Tor Aarnes Sæther also produced and played on the original version of Start to Wish, which is on the CD.

The rest of it – sequencing, drum programming, synths, vocals – are all done by John Berge alone. No Auto-Tune used, as it didn’t exist back then either!

«Having listened to the songs again, I have decided to re-record many more of them as full-fledged studio productions. They will hopefully be released in 2022. In the meantime I want these original recordings also to be available in the digital space», John comments.

The original double-album will be divided into two volumes. The first will be released 01.07.2021 and the second 01.08.2021.

The original digipack sleeve.

John concludes:

«I may also exclude some tracks – or include other tracks that didn’t fit onto the CDs, due to space limitations. So the 2CD will still be unique».

John at the release concert for «Clear and Present Past» in Oslo, 27.10.2007.


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