John Berge


THE BEGINNING: It started with music being played in the house at all times. My Mum and Dad had both played guitar and and Mum had her own sister band. I got my first cassette player at early age, and just played music constantly. At my grandmother’s house I found a record player – and lot’s of records. I fell in love with Supertramp and Electric Light Orchestra, and even Air Supply.

In the early teenage years I was happy to just sing along to the songs I loved. When my relatives asked me what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday I always said this and that new album by artists I liked. It was always pop. Except a brief stint with Kiss, due to a friend’s suggestion, I never got interested in «rock». When I bought a new cassette player I kept the old one, and that’s when I started using the old one as playback device and record on the new one. That why I could sing «on top of» the originals. I guess all these years of just singing constantly both made me aware of singing techniques and also learning english well and quicker. English was my favorite study at school and I loved learning new words.

My first real song was written with a classmate who really could play guitar. We recorded it onto the cassette player and many years later my friend Shahz released it on his debutalbum.

Somehow some other got ahold of my yearning to sing and I was offered to play in a band called Autostrada, which after I while I wanted to change to another name and make our own songs. We called ourselves To No Westwards. I still couldn’t play any instruments so I just sang the melodies to the guys. Soon a keyboard wizard, a bit older than me, wanted to know if I could sing on a track. I got to hear it, and the assignment was: «write a song lyric with a melody, you got until tomorrow and come back and sing it». So I did, and the song was called Something Real.

For a while we made a lot of great songs and called ourselves Light Colours. I am proud to say that Heaven Someday is one of those songs.

For more about my musical history, please check back in September 2019. 🙂